RESOURCE: TIPS for writing better journal articles: Focus

RESOURCE: TIPS for writing better journal articles: Focus

Wiley’s infographic on 5 tips for writing better science papers is based on the work of
Richard Threlfall (read full guide on ChemistryViews).

There’s a handy infographic on Wiley that summarizes five tips for writing better science papers (and they should know what they’re talking about!).

The academic publishing giant Wiley shares this infographic, summarizing five tips to write better science papers.

If you look at the main points, you’ll see that it’s about focusing your writing so that your key message gets across…and your paper is more likely to be accepted for publication.

The infographic is handy, but it’s worth reading the full set of tips by Richard Threlfall on ChemistryViews. I particularly like his two articles: Mind your Language A Very Brief Guide to Language Usage in Scientific Writing (1) and (2), which demonstrate how to write simply and effectively.

And note that the tips are not just for science papers, but relevant to any academic paper.

Summarizing the summary!

In summary. To write an effective paper with higher chances of being accepted:

  1. Cover letter: Highlight the significance of your research
  2. Title: Keep it simple, concise, and not too technical
  3. Abstract: Keep it simple, give the main message/highlight
  4. Introduction: Give context to your research and its importance
  5. Results: Keep it focused, concise, but informative

The main takeaway to get your message convincingly across: Keep it simple. Keep it focused. People can only remember so many points, so make what you say count.

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