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Infographic: 4 powers of clear writing in international development. 1. Communicate effectively: When we are easily understood, it boosts our credibility and readers are more likely to believe in us. 2. Promote human rights: Using clear, plain language helps people access information that they can use to participate in society—a basic human right. 3. Correct power imbalances: Using clear language takes knowledge out of the hands of a privileged, powerful few and makes it accessible to everyone. 4. Foster transparency: We show the people we serve, our donors, partners, and the public that we hold ourselves accountable to them. This helps build public.

The 4 powers of clear writing in international development

UN writing isn't very clear. But clear writing can promote human rights, level power imbalances, and boost transparency and accountability. UN writing doesn't have a great reputation for clarity.My experience ...
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You can get my free downloads from one place now, at (Cups of coffee also welcome!) One day, I downloaded a wonderful resource from an editor colleague. (Sofia Matias ...
Screenshot of one-page tips sheet.

RESOURCE: One-pager quick tips on writing clearly

A one-pager of quick tips for writing clearly! Sometimes, it's hard to remember all the little things that help make your writing clearer. Here's a one-pager to help you remember ...
Style sheets: What are they & why do you want to use them

Style sheets: What are they & why do you want to use them

Wondering what style sheets are? They're a simple tool that will ensure consistency across your document and help you communicate with your editor/proofreader ...