PODCAST: How to write effectively & inclusively, on Tandem Nomads

PODCAST: How to write effectively & inclusively, on Tandem Nomads

cover of Tandem Nomads podcast

Yikes, I was interviewed on the Tandem Nomads podcast! We talked about how to write effective and inclusive content.

I was interviewed, like, right here! ⬇

Tandem Nomads was founded and is run by Amel Derragui, a business and marketing coach who helps entrepreneurs across the world take their businesses to the next level.

I’ve been listening to Amel’s podcast since 2018. Through 200+ episodes (ok I may not have listened to all 200+), she and her guests have been teaching and inspiring me to keep going. They made me feel like I could do this solopreneur thing 🙂

So you can imagine what an honor it is for me to be on the other side, to talk about what I am passionate about (plain language! inclusion!).

Speaking outside of rehearsed presentations terrifies me but Amel made me feel right at home. We chatted about

  • why writing in plain language is better for your clients and audiences
  • the importance of how you represent your writing visually
  • how to write inclusive content for differing language abilities

Thank you, Amel and Sarah Black (member of Amel’s team and founder of Athru Communications), for this amazing opportunity!

(Eek, I advise people to speak slowly and of course that is one area I need to work on 😬)


  • My interview: www.tandemnomads.com/258
  • Tandem Nomads: If you are any kind of entrepreneur or freelancer, this podcast will help you. If you have a portable business and are an expat spouse, even more so!

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Cover image by Tandem Nomads; my photo by Azusa Uchida.

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