WEBSITE/PODCAST: Grammar Girl rocks

WEBSITE/PODCAST: Grammar Girl rocks

Commas matter

Back in my high school days, my roommate and I used to joke that she was in charge of grammar and me, spelling. Between the two of us, we could write correct English.

While I’ve gotten to the point where I find satisfaction in fixing incorrectly used semicolons, I confess I still have to think about what an adverb is.

So I never ever imagined I’d enjoy reading about grammar…but Grammar Girl’s Quick & Dirty Tips has changed my mind.

Grammar Girl, or Mignon Fogarty, breaks down common grammar mistakes and confusions with easily understandable explanations.

She makes reading about grammar and English fun—at least for “grammaristas” and their kin. For the rest of you, she’s helpful 🙂

A few examples that I liked:

Grammar Girl is also available as a podcast (or perhaps the podcast came first…), for those of you who are more aurally inclined. (Me, I’m a visual person so I much prefer to read it. My comprehension is so much better when I see it in print.)

You get to learn something interesting and useful at the same time. Can’t beat that!

Need help checking the grammar in your writing? Let me help you! 

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