Services for multi-language authors

english editing for non-native and native writers

Multi-language authors: enjoy quick or detailed English checks to make your text clear, professional, and convincing.

Service Description

“Quick English check”

Best for materials under 300 words or so. A quick check to make sure everything sounds natural or that you aren’t inadvertently saying something inappropriate.

“Native” English check

For longer material written by multi-language authors or translated into English. Check that it follows English logic, uses correct grammar and spelling, and is clear, and that you aren’t inadvertently saying something inappropriate. (For details about the different levels of English checks, see: Copyediting. Also see “How do I know which editing service I should request?“)

Examples of past work

Website copy

...English website for JCLINIC, a Japanese clinic

Academic abstracts

..."Analysis of China's 21st Century Silk Road Policy" (Thai author)

..."Local Elections after Decentralization in Thailand: Lessons Learned" (Thai author)

..."Fascist Italy’s cultural policy for theater: Through the lens of Takarazuka Shojo Kagekidan’s first European tour (1938)" (Japanese author)

Academic papers

..."Disruption of the Global Economy and Emerging Market Responses" (Indian author)

...Master's thesis on Japanese karoshi, death by overwork (Japanese author)

Business materials

...Print ad & promotional video text for a Japanese clinic providing physical therapy and Thai & Chinese traditional medicine treatment

...Meeting 'scripts' for project manager in the private sector

...Internal presentation on business expansion plan for major private hospital in Bangkok

Magazine articles

..."To Pattaya and Lan Island: A Day-trip by Bus", BAMBI News (Japanese author)

..."Good Posture and Why It Matters", BAMBI News (Japanese author)

...Others from BAMBI News magazine (authors from many nationalities, including Japanese, French, Israeli, Thai)

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