proofreading services

A final sweep of your document to prepare it for publication or submission by clearing it of typos, misspellings, and other errors and inconsistencies.

Service Description

Even the best writers could use an extra pair of sharp eyes to check and correct for

  • Pesky typos
  • Misspellings: especially those that spell check may miss, like there vs they’re
  • Inconsistencies: numbering, capitalization, formatting, styles, etc.

I will help you find these errors before you submit your article or go to print.

[See also: the difference between copyediting and proofreading or check this list if you’re not sure which service you need.]

Examples of past work


...Baldwin, Richard (2019), The Globotics Upheaval, Oxford University Press.

Journal articles

...Baldwin, Richard, and Toshihiro Okubo (2019), "GVC journeys: Industrialisation and deindustrialisation in the age of the second unbundling", Journal of the Japanese and International Economies, 52: 53-67.

...Bhakdi, Sebastian C., Prapat Suriyaphol, Ponpan Thaicharoen, Sebastian Tobias Karl Grote, Chulaluk Komoltri, Bansithi Chaiyaprasithi, and Komgrid Charnkaew (2019), "Accuracy of Tumour-Associated Circulating Endothelial Cells as a Screening Biomarker for Clinically Significant Prostate Cancer", Cancers, 11(8): 1064.

...Bhakdi, Sebastian C., and Ponpan Thaicharoen (2018), "Easy Employment and Crosstalk-Free Detection of Seven Fluorophores in a Widefield Fluorescence Microscope", Methods and Protocols, 1(2): 20.

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