Personal academic website content

Get help with planning, writing, and editing content for your personal academic website.

Service Description

Setting up and maintaining your academic website may be a low-urgency project that you’ve had on your to-do list for ages.

Whether you aren’t sure what to put on it, can’t find the time or energy to get it done, or have started but would like someone to finesse it for you, we can help your online presence.

You provide

  • Ideas/wishes on what you want for your website
  • Raw materials: e.g., CV, list of publications, bio, links you want to include, photos

You’ll get (depending on your needs)

  • Guidance on mapping out website content
  • Suggested edits and comments on your existing website text
  • Draft copy
  • Copyedits on your blog text
  • Overall clarity and consistency* check for your whole site.
  • Help uploading content on your pages (WordPress; others to be discussed).

Kindly note that this service is to help you prepare website content; it is not a design service. However, I am happy to provide feedback on your site’s presentation and usability.

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