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Copyediting & line editing

YOU NEED: your manuscript (1) unified in style/cleaned up for design or submission (copyedited) and/or (2) checked for flow, consistency, appropriate syntax and grammar (line edited).

YOU GET: a clearer and convincing manuscript with (1) good grammar, appropriate syntax and punctuation, and consistent style; and (2) compelling flow and structure, and logic.

Service Description

You might need just a technical “surface” clean-up (copyedit) or something that goes a bit deeper (line editing). I can help you with either.

Don’t worry though if you’re not completely sure which you need. We can discuss 🙂

(Or are you not sure whether you need copyediting or proofreading?)

FILE TYPES: Word (preferred, with tracked changes), Google Docs

Her editing and editorial advice helped keep the messaging crisp and concise.

— Ira Martina Drupady, Research Associate, National University of Singapore

☑ Copyediting: “Technical” surface clean-up

Copyediting is mostly about cleaning up the text so it’s ready for the designer to prepare the layout. (CIEP calls this a “technical” level of copyediting.)

Even if your document isn’t going to a designer, you can think of copyediting as the final clean-up. It’s making sure the styles and formatting are applied consistently and fine-tuning the sentences.

I’ll check your document for

  • Style and consistency
  • Grammar, spelling, and syntax at the sentence level

Ema handled the complex and abstract language in my manuscript with precision and speed

— S.S., doctoral candidate

☑ Line editing: A deeper review

Again, here is some help if you’re not sure whether you need copyediting or proofreading.

Line editing goes a bit deeper than surface corrections. I help you make sure your messages are clear and the paragraphs flow logically and are convincing. (CIEP calls this a “structural” level of copyediting.)

Some questions I might ask include

  • Does the overall logic flow? Is it structured well?
  • Is each argument clear and supported by evidence?
  • Are there any ambiguous or unclear sentences?
  • Are all figures complete and clearly understandable?
  • Are the references complete?*

I can also help make sure the styles are applied consistently.

Especially if you are a multi-language author who wants to make sure the message of your writing is not “lost in translation”: I’m here to help.

I highly recommend Ema for the precision of her work and her friendly personality.

— M.U.
*A note on references

I will spot-check references for completeness. However, if you want me to thoroughly review and format all references, we need to agree to it before you hire me. Kindly note I charge checking of references by the hour.

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Examples of past work

Online academic articlesArticles on, the policy portal of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (regular & ongoing)

Scholarly papers, reports, ebooksRichard Baldwin, Jeison Cárdenas and Cristina Fernández (2021), Telemigration and Digitally Enabled Service Exports: Opportunities for Colombia, Thinking Ahead on Societal Change Platform, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva

Richard Baldwin and Simon Evenett (2020), COVID-19 and Trade Policy, Centre for Economic Policy Research (selected chapters)

Ana Fernandes, Nadia Rocha, Michele Ruta (2021), The Economics of Deep Trade Agreements, Centre for Economic Policy Research and World Bank

Three reports to the Singaporean government on nuclear governance
Academic abstracts"Analysis of China's 21st Century Silk Road Policy"

"Local Elections after Decentralization in Thailand: Lessons Learned"

"Fascist Italy’s Cultural Policy for Theater: Through the Lens of Takarazuka Shojo Kagekidan’s First European Tour (1938)"
Project-related documentsConcept notes, project documents, project completion reports

Project evaluation reports

Fundraising documents

Letters to donors and agreements
Website copyWeb articles for UNITAR Division for Prosperity

Press releases

English website text for SMEs, including a Japanese clinic, biotech company, volunteer organization, and others

Overall text for renewed BAMBI website

Articles for Families in Global Transition blog, such as
Training materialsEdApp microlesson content for UNITAR
Business materialsPitch deck for biotech firm, investment firm

Print ad & promotional video text for a Japanese clinic

Meeting 'scripts' for project manager in the private sector

Internal presentation on business-expansion plan for a major private hospital in Bangkok

CVs & coverletters

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