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Polish your manuscript: Make sure the document is clear and convincing with (1) correct grammar, syntax, punctuation, and consistent style; and (2) compelling flow, structure, and logic.

Service Description

All scholarly writers can benefit from having a professional, reliable, and sympathetic copyeditor review your work before submission or publication.

[ Read this first if you’re not sure whether you need copyediting or proofreading. ]

You can choose from two levels of copyediting.

Level 1: Surface clean-up

Editing for grammar and syntax important for non-native English writer.
Level 1 fixing of grammar & syntax, for a non-native writer.

An eagle-eye will go through to identify and correct

  • Grammar, spelling, and syntax errors
  • Style and consistency issues
  • Punctuation
  • American vs British spelling

Level 2: A deeper review

Even native-English-speaking academics can use a fresh pair of eyes to review their paper and help finesse it into shape. If you’re working with English as a foreign language, then that kind of help will be doubly useful.

(Don’t forget to check out some tips on writing academic English.)

I can help you identify and improve your problem areas to make your paper logical and convincing to an English-speaking audience.

In a deeper review, I will ask questions such as

  • Does the overall logic flow? Is it structured well?
  • Is each argument clear and supported by evidence?
  • Are there any paragraphs or sentences that should be moved elsewhere? Or grouped together?
  • Are there any ambiguous or unclear sentences?
  • Is there any content that disrupts the flow and should be removed/moved?
deep review copyedit line edit
An example of the type of comment you’ll get in a deeper review.

–> Read more about my approach to copyediting

If you are a multi-language author who wants to ensure your document is up to professional standards, this is especially relevant for you! A structure that works in your language may not apply in English academic writing.

Examples of past work

Academic online articles

...Articles on, the policy portal of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (regular & ongoing)

...Baldwin, Richard, and Simon Evenett (2020), COVID-19 and Trade Policy, Centre for Economic Policy Research (selected chapters)

Academic abstracts

..."Analysis of China's 21st Century Silk Road Policy"

..."Local Elections after Decentralization in Thailand: Lessons Learned"

..."Fascist Italy’s cultural policy for theater: Through the lens of Takarazuka Shojo Kagekidan’s first European tour (1938)"

Academic papers

..."Disruption of the Global Economy and Emerging Market Responses"

...Master's thesis on Japanese karoshi, death by overwork

Project-related documents

...Project proposals & project documents

...Donor letters

Website copy

...English website text for a Japanese clinic

...Overall text for renewed BAMBI website

...Articles for Families in Global Transition blog, such as "TCKs of Asia on Privilege and Diversity"; "International Schools and Education – Working for Equity
"; and "Children of Deaf Adults as 'Third Culture Kids'"

Training materials

...EdApp microlesson content for UNITAR

...My own webinar, Writing for International Audiences

Business materials

...Print ad & promotional video text for a Japanese clinic providing physical therapy and Thai & Chinese traditional medicine treatment

...Meeting 'scripts' for project manager in the private sector

...Internal presentation on business-expansion plan for a major private hospital in Bangkok


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