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Tips to write better

Here, you can find articles about practical ways to improve your scholarly or professional writing. These are especially relevant if you’re writing for an international audience or you are a multi-language author — but useful for anyone, I hope 🙂

RESOURCES: Plain language

Using plain language means writing in a way that your intended audiences can immediately find, understand, and use your messages and information. It's not about "dumbing down" your message but ...
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Expressing time zones for events

As events have gone online since 2020, we've become more conscious of time zones. If your event targets an international audience, express the event time in a way that makes ...
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The word "design"

Plain language: Using design elements for clear communication

Plain language isn't just about the words; design makes it easier for readers to find, understand, and use the information in the document. Fortunately, you don't need to be a ...
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Key to clearer writing: Be consistent

Some things about writing better are hard, but others are quite simple—like being consistent ...
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Key to clearer writing: Know the big picture before you start

Understanding the big picture — before you start writing — will help you write better. When you know who and what the document is for, you can put the right ...
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decorative images of darts hitting target

3 tips to write succinctly

Academic writers are often told to "write succinctly"...but what makes your writing succinct? Use short, concise words, and short sentences, says Columbia University ...
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decorative image of wall packed with books

3 ways to cut the clutter from your writing

Drafts of your manuscripts are bound to have clutter that obscures what you want to get across. That's perfectly normal. But what exactly is "clutter" and how can you get ...
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Plain language for academic & professional writing

Have you heard of the movement to promote "plain language"? Plain language is a beautiful goal and its concepts are useful for all writers, including academics. Get started with these ...
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part 2 of how to earn credibility through your writing

How to earn credibility through your writing, part 2 of 2

How can you help make sure that people will believe what you are saying? What makes your writing credible? This is the second of a two-part series on how to ...
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