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Other resources for writers

There are a lot of great resources out there to help you write better, including books, online courses, web articles, podcasts, and others. I share some of the ones that I’ve found useful.

TOOL: Grammarly love

Want to write better? No matter if you're an editing professional or not, Grammarly can help you check your writing! ...
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BOOK: Great punctuation guide, part 2 of 2

I've never read punctuation books before for pleasure, but The best punctuation book, period. by June Casagrande is an impressively concise and useful book for anyone who has to write/edit ...
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BOOK: Great punctuation guide, part 1 of 2

So not only am I enjoying reading Grammar Girl, but, much to my surprise, here I am curled up on the couch with two books on punctuation. Here's my review ...
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Commas matter

WEBSITE/PODCAST: Grammar Girl rocks

Back in my high school days, my roommate and I used to joke that she was in charge of grammar and me, spelling. Between the two of us, we could ...
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