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There are a lot of great resources out there to help you write better, including books, online courses, web articles, podcasts, and others. I share some of the ones that I’ve found useful.

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cover of Tandem Nomads podcast

Interview on Tandem Nomads podcast!

Yikes, I was interviewed on the Tandem Nomads podcast! Like, right here --> Tandem Nomads! Tandem Nomads was founded and is run by Amel Derragui, a business and marketing coach ...
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RESOURCES: Plain language for academics

Here are links to articles from experts who argue how using plain language will help improve academic writing too. It's not about "dumbing down" your message but making sure that ...
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BOOK: The Elements of International English Style, by Edmond H. Weiss

Ever wonder how to write English suited for international readers? Edward Weiss's Elements of International English Style is a comprehensive and thoughtful guide that gives concrete strategies while being sensitive ...
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RESOURCES: Public style guides

Here are links to some major public style guides, such as for the governments of Australia, EU, and the US, and the United Nations, as well as a smattering of ...
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RESOURCE: “How to write a research paper – A to Z of academic writing”

Academic editing giant Enago provides a great online guide/overview of all the basics you need to know about academic writing. Enago Academy is an extensive online resource for academic writers ...
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RESOURCES: Plain language

Using plain language means writing in a way that your intended audiences can immediately find, understand, and use your messages and information. It's not about "dumbing down" your message but ...
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Cover of book: The non-designer's design book by Robin Williams

BOOK: The Non-Designer’s Design Book by Robin Williams

Even if you're not a designer, you can make your documents more attractive. In her brilliant book, Robin Williams explains the four basic design principles we need to use ...
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COURSE: “Writing in the Sciences” online course

If you're looking for a great (and free) course on academic writing, especially in the sciences, Stanford University's "Writing in the Sciences" on Coursera is an excellent choice! ...
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RESOURCE: How to use an editor to make your writing better

Here's a useful infographic by Editage Insights which summarizes their article on "Most common reasons for journal rejection." How can an editor help you avoid these problem issues? ...
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Dreyer's English - an entertaining list of things to help you write better

BOOK: Dreyer’s English: A delightful batch of tips to help you write better

Have you read Dreyer's English yet? What is it about, is it any good? Here are things that I thought it was great for ...
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RESOURCE: TIPS for writing better journal articles: Focus

Wiley's infographic on 5 tips for writing better science papers is based on the work of Richard Threlfall (read full guide on ChemistryViews). There's a handy infographic on Wiley that ...
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TOOL: Grammarly love

Want to write better? No matter if you're an editing professional or not, Grammarly can help you check your writing! ...
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BOOK: The Best Punctuation Book, Period., by June Casagrande

I've never read punctuation books before for pleasure, but The best punctuation book, period. by June Casagrande is an impressively concise and useful book for anyone who has to write/edit in different ...
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BOOK: Grammar Girl’s Punctuation 911, by Mignon Fogarty

So not only am I enjoying reading Grammar Girl, but, much to my surprise, here I am curled up on the couch with two books on punctuation. Here's my review ...
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Commas matter

WEBSITE/PODCAST: Grammar Girl rocks

Back in my high school days, my roommate and I used to joke that she was in charge of grammar and me, spelling. Between the two of us, we could ...
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