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Plain language and accessibility

The words we use and how we present information matter for inclusion and accessibility. I’m daily learning how and hope that these articles will be useful for you too in reaching more people with your writing.

Non-designer practice: Visual presentation of information

I used to think that tinkering with figures and tables was an indulgence—I did it for fun if I had ...
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Plain language is a civil right

Access to information is essential for us to participate in society and lead healthy lives. Plain language helps us access ...
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What’s wrong with “native speaker”? Plus ESL, ELL, EFL…alphabet soup!

In reality, a "native English speaker" means people who are from a Western English-speaking country. The term is used to ...
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BOOK: The Elements of International English Style, by Edmond H. Weiss

Ever wonder how to write English suited for international readers? Edward Weiss's Elements of International English Style is a comprehensive ...
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Plain language vs. Easy English

Plain language's aim is to ensure that people can access (understand and use) the information they need to lead better ...
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RESOURCES: Plain language

Using plain language means writing in a way that your intended audiences can immediately find, understand, and use your messages ...
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Expressing time zones for events

As events have gone online since 2020, we've become more conscious of time zones. If your event targets an international ...
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The word "design"

Plain language: Using design elements for clear communication

Plain language isn't just about the words; design makes it easier for readers to find, understand, and use the information ...
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Hello written in many languages

The power of words: Multi-language authors

I am going to say "multi-language author" instead of "non-native English speaker" from now on ...
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