Are you an academic and is English not your first language? Do you need to boost your English writing so it’s clear and persuasive? Let me help you.

My vision: To help fill the world with clearly articulated insights and ideas

I help you get your message across in good English while maintaining your distinct voice.

Wondering what it’s like to work with me?

Don’t worry. I am

  • Experienced in working with non-native English writers
  • Non-confrontational, patient, respectful, and responsible

And I meet deadlines.

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Editing experience

I have over 15 years’ experience working with non-native and native English speakers in

  • Academic editing of abstracts and articles, online research articles, literature reviews, theses, and research reports
  • Content editing and writing reports and other documents for UNICEF, ILO, and UNDP
  • Editing articles and project management for a monthly English-language magazine for expat parents in Bangkok
  • Developing presentations for private companies and UN organizations
  • Translating academic and business Japanese into English

Favorite subjects

  • Social sciences (political science, public administration, economics, public health, psychology, education, history, sociology, etc.)
  • Socioeconomic development (human rights, social development, public health, sexual & reproductive health rights, migrants, youth and child development, poverty reduction)
  • Parenting
  • Third culture kids, cross-cultural kids, multilingualism
  • Travel
  • Lifehacks

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Academic & training credentials

  • Masters of International Affairs, Columbia University (USA) in Economic and Political Development
  • Bachelor of Arts, Amherst College (USA) in Psychology
  • NIH Plain Language Online Training
  • Editing Mastery, Udemy
  • Member, Society for Editors & Proofreaders (UK)

The longer story…

I worked in the international development field for over eight years, in HIV/AIDS prevention, adolescent reproductive & sexual health, youth empowerment, and migrant health, in the Philippines, Thailand, and other ASEAN countries.

I’ve been editing English writing since even before I had heard of ‘copyediting’ or ‘native English check’. 

After I became a stay-at-home mom and started volunteering as an editor for a monthly magazine, it dawned upon me that I enjoyed editing. Simple as that. And there’s always a need for good editors.

It frustrates me to read a work where the key messages are lost among the words. I want to help great ideas and insights get out into the world and be taken seriously.

One privilege of being an editor is that I get to read people’s works as a job. Learning something new and encountering fresh ideas—that’s the best part of academic editing!

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