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BOOK: Grammar Girl’s Punctuation 911, by Mignon Fogarty

BOOK: Grammar Girl’s Punctuation 911, by Mignon Fogarty

So not only am I enjoying reading Grammar Girl, but, much to my surprise, here I am curled up on ...
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June & July updates at The Clarity Editor

Time for a Clarity Editor round-up! June and July were nice and busy with some exciting new projects. It was ...
Commas matter

WEBSITE/PODCAST: Grammar Girl rocks

Back in my high school days, my roommate and I used to joke that she was in charge of grammar ...
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Not editing to make the writing perfect

Sometimes, my job is NOT to edit to the best of my ability. A lesson confirmed that my primary aim ...
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April & May updates at The Clarity Editor

I've been quiet lately, but it's been an active April & May at The Clarity Editor! What have I been ...
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TIP: Quick way to insert your favorite symbols into Google Doc (and Word)

I enjoy using Google Docs for collaborative work. One thing that has been stumping me, though, is how to insert ...

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