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TOOL: Grammarly love

TOOL: Grammarly love

Want to write better? No matter if you're an editing professional or not, Grammarly is a must-have tool to check ...
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Happy New Year 2019!

Wishing everyone a prosperous, fulfilling, and above all healthy 2019! Here's my look back on 2018 and what's (hopefully) in ...
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6 things to tell your editor before they start

You want to equip your editor with all the information she needs to do the job. What points should you ...
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TIP: Add the date to your file name (even if you don’t like numbers)

A little trick in naming your files and folders can help you save precious time and mind space ...
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What’s in a line edit or a copyedit?

Copyediting is where I feel I can be of most use to my clients. Here is how I like to ...
BOOK: The Best Punctuation Book, Period., by June Casagrande

BOOK: The Best Punctuation Book, Period., by June Casagrande

I've never read punctuation books before for pleasure, but The best punctuation book, period. by June Casagrande is an impressively ...

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