RESOURCES: Public style guides

RESOURCES: Public style guides

Here are links to some major public style guides, such as for the governments of Australia, EU, and the US, and the United Nations, as well as a smattering of conscious language guides. (Updated 12 October 2021)

Tip: For specific projects, make sure you also create a style sheet.

Style guides are incredibly useful to make sure everyone consistently handles specific types of elements in a manuscript.

I’m always grateful to be handed a style guide because that means I don’t have to make decisions each time a stylistic point comes up (which English spelling to use? How to write out numbers? etc.).

Not all organizations have style guides but here are a few that I find useful. These are public, provided for free.



United Nations



There are also of course the Chicago Manual of Style, AP style, APA, MLA … all of which require subscriptions, etc. They are well known enough!

Chicago and APA share some basics for free.

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab is a great resource for overviews on citing in MLA, APA and Chicago styles.

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