Recent job: correcting English on a thesis on Japanese work culture

Recent job: correcting English on a thesis on Japanese work culture

I love learning new things through editing! Recently, I helped a Master’s candidate with their thesis paper that examined the Japanese labor culture.

According to the Japanese Ministry of Labour, Health and Welfare, Japanese full-time workers on average put in 2,026 hours of work in the year 2016. Expectations for workers to put in long hours have led to a social phenomenon of “death by overwork,” and the author examined why such a seemingly toxic norm continues to pervade the Japanese work culture, despite increased awareness among the public of its negative consequences.

It was a fascinating topic and I thought my client did a fantastic job in breaking down the issue, addressing the historical emergence of such a demanding work culture, as well as the social factors that continue to enforce it, despite troubling statistics on mental and physical illnesses and death caused by overwork.

I love learning something new through my work as an editor! And it makes me happy to know that I helped out on the English language front, so that those reading the thesis would not be distracted by grammatical errors or unclear wording, and instead focus on its content and message.

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